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Case Study:
Revisiting Karangahake House

Built in 2019, the silvered patina at Karangahake House is proof of the effectiveness of Abodo’s Sioo:x coating on Tundra Cladding.

Built in 2019, the silvered patina of the Tundra weatherboards at Karangahake House in the Kaimai Ranges is proof of the effectiveness of Abodo’s naturally derived Sioo:x Wood Coating.

This Make Architects-designed, NZIA award-winning home has now been standing for three years, making it an excellent test of the success of the Sioo:x coating that was applied to its Abodo Tundra weatherboard cladding.

After exposure to rain, frequent fog and sun in this temperate climate, the Tundra timber has silvered off to a tone that merges beautifully with the forested and tussocked surroundings of this rural property, as well as with its pale grey steel roof.

While it starts life in a pleasing warm timber tone, the weathered grey patina that Abodo’s Sioo:x coating takes on over time is often one of the main reasons it is specified - the other being its low maintenance qualities. Sioo:x Wood Coating uses a naturally derived silicon to create a protective shell, which can last for up to 7 years without requiring a re-coat depending on exposure conditions. The speed at which the even, silvered look is achieved depends on exposure to weather, but in most climates, it is well on its way after a year.

For this home, time has only improved the backcountry hut aesthetic that the architects were aiming for in its design - and for the homeowners, the ability to sit back and let the finish synergistically work with the naturally durable Tundra Cladding, means they are able to enjoy their house without the stress of constant maintenance.

Before: When first built, the Sioo:x coating gave the timber a pale golden hue.

After: Over time, the timber has silvered off to take on a naturally weathered look.

Before and After: The texture of the timber is more prominent once the Sioo:x coating has had time to develop.

Before and After: Once silvered off, the knots and inherent blemishes in the Tundra timber lend a natural appearance to the home.

After three years, the colour of the weatherboards now merge with the roof and appear at one with the rural landscape.

The home now appears as a cohesive whole, with the weatherboards and roofing presenting in shades of grey.

In sheltered areas, the Sioo:x coating will take longer to silver off, as the silicon based solution is activated by exposure to weather.




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