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Modern Take on Plywood Board and Batten

Economical and fast to install, natural timber plywood is a great alternative to regular timber boards.

Plywood board and batten has been a stalwart cladding system used over generations. Economical, and fast to install, natural timber plywood is a great alternative to regular timber boards.

More recently progressive architects have opted to create a random width, random depth look, by combining different width battens in a structured pattern. This imparts a more modern aesthetic, and a premium look when compared to the more traditional 70x20mm batten placed at 600mm centres.

Traditionally plywood cladding products have been treated with Light Organic Solvent Preservatives (LOSP) or Copper Chrome Arsenic (CCA) to impart durability.

Part of the issue with pressure treating plywood is the fact that the glue line prevents penetration of the preservative, meaning the face and back veneers are treated, but in some cases the internal veneers are not. In addition many radiata pine based plywood cladding products battle with darker colour coatings, and the associated heat build-up.

Other imported plywood cladding, aimed to mimic Western Red Cedar are typically from unsustainable tropical species such as Okoume. Okoume is listed as a vulnerable species under the UCN Red list.

Abodo’s new Vulcan Plywood is part of a new future in plywood cladding. Similar to Abodo’s Vulcan Cladding, Vulcan Ply has been created with thermally modified FSC® certified Radiata Pine. Thermal modification imparts a homogenous durability throughout the board, and improves stability with dark colours. In an attractive brown colour Vulcan Ply offers a premium architectural look.

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Timber: Vulcan Cladding

Type: Rusticated 90x20MM

Lineal Meters:


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Fixings - Pieces:


Oil - Litres (second coat to front face installed):


Oil - Litres (one coat all sides + two coats face):


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