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Charred Wood “Yakisugi” Cladding Production in Full Swing

Abodo is proud to offer a factory charred solution for the “on trend” burnt cladding market in New Zealand.

After four years of groundwork and the establishment of some award-winning reference projects, Abodo is proud to offer a factory charred solution for the “on trend” burnt cladding market in New Zealand.

The award winning Waikaremoana Welcome Centre features Abodo Vulcan Charred Timber for the ceremonial Pou, where the Wanaka Charred House braves Central Otago’s extreme temperatures with ease. Both maintaining a jet back char layer after three years of installation.

Abodo’s Vulcan Cladding is the perfect substrate for a deep charred finish, and its unique natural durability and stability means that the charred timber is consistent and flat after charring.

When charring wood it is not possible to use chemically treated woods, as the burning process releases chemical preservatives into the air, potentially poisoning people in the vicinity.

It is also advisable to use timber with few knots and an even grain, the charring process can tend to cause loose or bark encased knots to dislodge, causing problems later in situ.

Abodo’s factory solution includes a deep char, and sealer coats of Char Oil - a high solids natural oil designed to harden the char layer and minimise rub off.

As recent Grand Designs episodes attest, charring wood is a slow and complicated process, one best performed in a controlled environment.

Contact the Abodo team with enquiries for pre-charred timber cladding.

A note on charred wood terminology:

Otherwise known as Yaki Sugi or Shou Sugi Ban, most modern interpretations of the charring process do not actually use Japanese Sugi timber (otherwise known as Cryptomeria) –the actual timber referred to in the Japanese terms.

Many Japanese are confused by the term Yaki Sugi or Shou Sugi Ban applied to any timber other than Sugi. Abodo’s Japanese customers have suggest Yakimatsu - “burnt pine” - may be a more appropriate term.

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