Keep Things Moving with Our Express Top Up Service

We understand the importance of keeping everything running smoothly on site, and how waiting for timber top-ups can be problematic. Our Express Top Up service is here to ensure you are not caught short.

Waiting several weeks for a top-up on a building site can be frustrating, costly, and potentially even delay completion. So, we have introduced Express Top Ups to help keep your building projects moving.

Ready to ship from Abodo in three working days, Express Top Ups are pre-packed bundles of 10 pieces of Vulcan weatherboard profiles in selected uncoated 4.2m lengths.

Key features of Express Top Ups:

  1. Packs of 10 pieces of Vulcan at 4.2m lengths. All lengths are uncoated (ready to coat on-site). Bandsawn finish available only.

  2. Packs of our most popular Vulcan Cladding profiles are available: WB10 138x20, WB10 180x20, WB12 138x20, WB12 180x20, WB12F 180x20.

  3. A maximum of 5 x Express Top Up packs (210 lm) can be ordered at one time.

  4. Ready to ship from Abodo in just three working days. Add freight time to site for full delivery times.

If you need a top-up, enquire on 09 249 0100 or by email to see whether an Express Top Up will suit the job.

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