Sioo:x Wood Coating

Sioo:x uses nature to form a silicon based shell on exterior timber, which weathers to a beautiful silver grey and provides a long term weathered look without leaving your wood unprotected.

Sioo:x is a two step process - this means you will need to coat the wood with two coats of Sioo:x "Step One" followed by one coat of Sioo:x "Step Two".

Approximate coverage 4-5 m2 /L for the first two coats Step One, 8-10 m2 /L for the third coat of Step Two (bandsawn face and tight grain timbers may have higher or lower coverage rates respectively).


Penetrating: Non film-forming coating sits into the timber surface, which means superior performance and easier maintenance.

Natural: Plant-based active ingredients that are safe for people and the environment.

Red List Free: Free from Red List chemicals as required by the Living Building Challenge.

Water-borne: Water clean-up. No solvents required.

Lower Maintenance: Extended re-coat period up to seven years.

Vulcan Cladding Bandsawn Finish in Sioox Wood Coating

Vulcan Cladding in Sioo:x Coating

Sioo:x Wood Coating

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