On–site Storage Tips for Optimal Timber Protection

Timber, just like other building materials, can be affected by bad handling and storage.

Here are some tips on storing timber building materials, such as Abodo weatherboards, on site premises:

  • Weather Protection: Make sure timbers are protected from adverse weather conditions away from rain or direct sunlight and are stored correctly

  • Surface Stored On: Do not store timber on bare ground or uneven surfaces

  • Dry Storage Space: Keep timber dry, even primed timber needs to be kept out of the rain – just because it is primed does not mean it is weatherproof

  • Prevent Structural Damage: Do not climb or store other materials on top of timber packs

  • Documentation and Insurance: Get clear title (e.g. receipts) to materials stored off–site and have insurance coverage in case of theft or potential challenges such as project delays, disputes, or any unforeseen site issues

  • On–site Inspection: If you receive timber on–site, check it is not damaged. If it is damaged, be sure to make a note on the delivery slip which will be held by the truck driver

  • Use of Cameras: Document problems immediately, discuss with the builder straight away and take photos in case of further issues

Just checking you’re heading to the right place

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