Four Reasons to Use Feature Timber Ceilings

Natural timber ceilings are a fantastic way to bring the warmth of wood into your home.

Feature wood ceilings are undoubtedly one of the lowest maintenance natural timber features you can choose for your home.

Here are four reasons to choose a feature ceiling in natural wood:

1. Less wear when compared to timber floors

Timber floors are a popular interior wood feature, but can get easily marked and damaged, requiring regular re-surfacing.

By using natural timber panels as a ceiling feature you essentially flip your design, using the richness of wood, without the traffic of a wood floor.

2. Space enhancing

When designed correctly, a feature timber ceiling can make a room look and feel both bigger and brighter.

3. Less re-coating and maintenance

Ceilings are exposed to less ultra violet rays (UV) and weather than typical timber surfaces. This means they rarely need re-coating or re-surfacing.

4. Mood enhancing

Natural wood has been proven to improve mood and reduce anxiety. The feelings of natural warmth and comfort that wood elicits in people has the effect of lowering blood pressure and heart rates, reducing stress and anxiety and increasing positive social interactions.

In a study, Workplaces, Wellness and Wood commissioned by the Forest and Wood Products Association (FWPA) exposure to natural wood and biophilic design has shown to improve satisfaction levels and provide a feeling of wellbeing for building occupants.

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