Timber Weatherboards - Dark Colours Can Be Done

Can you paint timber weatherboards dark colours? A lot depends on the timber and the Light Reflective Value of the paint used. Vulcan Cladding is the perfect choice.

It is generally accepted that it is not suitable to paint timber weatherboard with darker colours. However, of primary importance is the Light Reflective Value (LRV) of the paint that will be used.

The light reflectance of a colour is an indication of amount of visible light that any given colour will reflect.

For example, black has a LRV of 0% and will absorb all light. Weatherboards in this colour will therefore absorb a large amount of heat, which can manifest itself into problems like warping, cupping, splitting and resin bleed.

In contrast, white has a LRV of 100% and reflects heat, keeping substrates cool. Any given colour choice will fit between these extremes, and will be given an LRV value.

Check with your paint supplier for the LRV of your colour choice.

Traditional suppliers of timber weatherboards restrict paint colours to an LRV of 40-45% or more. This means that mid and darker colours cannot be used under warranty on standard pre-primed timber weatherboards.

Abodo’s Vulcan Cladding is an exception to this rule. The thermal modification process stabilises the timber, and removes much of the resin from the timber. This means that the timber can abosb more heat, hold coatings for longer, and requires less maintenance.

Accelerated natural weathering tests over 5 years with black paint have shown Vulcan Primed to easily out perform traditional H3.1 primed radiata pine weatherboards.

Ensure you follow the painting specifications developed in partnership by Abodo and Resene Paints.

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