How to Install Your Carefully Crafted Coat Hook

Crafted from Vulcan timber and known as 'The Butler' this hook folds against the wall, ready to serve by holding your coat or other light treasures.

We suggest drilling a 4mm diameter hole – first ensuring there are no electrical wires or water pipes etc in the wall where you are drilling.

Should you hit framing timber use the provided wood screws only to attach The Butler to your wall.

If you only have plasterboard (e.g. Gib board) to mount on to, do this:

Where the bottom mounting screw will go drill a 9mm diameter hole and insert the wall anchor’s body (pictured here) and tighten the bolt to snug it into the wall, being careful not to overtighten if using a power driver.

You will feel it snug up to the back of the plasterboard, and the front start to pull into the surface of the plasterboard. Remove the bolt from the centre. The wall plug will stay solidly in place. Remove the washer - we won't need that.

Now screw through the bottom hole in the Butler onto the wall anchor using the bolt you just removed from it, and use the standard screw provided through the top hole.

The wall anchor bolt should be snug, but not overtightened – the top screw into plaster helps the hook remain upright.

Adjusting the Butler’s arm angle to be more upright is simple. See that small brass screw that the arm hits when it is down? Just back that out a turn or two, and the arm will be more upright when open.

Please note that you can only do this once the hook is on the wall.

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