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Celebrating the Launch of Abodo’s Cardrona Alpine Village

Three Abodo eco-villas are now open for visitors at Cardrona, showcasing an array of Abodo timber products.

We are proud to announce the launch of our first three eco-villas at Cardrona village. Situated to the rear of the now-iconic Cardrona Cabin Showcase, this alpine village project allows visitors to experience an array of Abodo products first-hand while also enjoying the beauty and attractions of the valley.

The first stage of our much-anticipated Cardrona eco-village launched last week with a celebration on site. The new villas are the first of twelve accommodation units to be sited at this location, with the renowned Abodo Showcase Cabin acting as an eye-catching landmark entryway, while also setting a high standard for the architecture.

Designed by First Light Studio in collaboration with FLiP Healthy Homes, the villas are a liveable example of how Abodo’s products can be used in a residential setting.

“While the internationally acclaimed Showcase is about pushing the envelope in terms of what can be done, the villas are a chance to see how the product might work for homes at a more affordable level, while still holding true to the aesthetic and design objectives of the Cabin,” explains First Light designer Eli Nuttall.

Each of the three villas has a slightly different look and feel inside, with a range of Abodo products and finishes used for everything from ceiling and wall linings, to cabinetry, decking and fencing.

There is also some variation in cladding and interior colours, with the first villa’s moody aesthetic created through the use of a dark finish (Protector – Nero) on the Vulcan vertical shiplap weatherboards. The other two make use of the Sioo:x coating externally, which blends beautifully with the tussock grasses in the surrounding mountains.

All three have horizontal Vulcan secret-fix weatherboards in a Natural finish across the front lane-facing facade, to give a unified look.

“Part of the brief was to test a range of products in what is really one of the harshest environments we have here in this country,” Eli says, explaining that the highly efficient homes were designed to achieve a Homestar 7 rating. This was accomplished through double framing stud walls with an air tightness layer through the centre, sheepswool insulation, and thermally broken double glazed windows, which are recessed back to the thermal line to boost performance.

In order to make this project affordable in a location where access can be difficult, the homes were prefabricated in Christchurch and carefully moved to site by truck. They were then carefully transferred to the site using a rail system, which meant there was no need for cranes.

For the First Light and FLiP teams, this was a special project. “We’ve been specifying Abodo products and telling their story as a part of our story for many years,” says Eli. “So it was great to partner up with Abodo and come up with a design solution that would best showcase the products.”

Abodo Founder and Managing Director, Daniel Gudsell, says “It was important for us to not only showcase our range of timbers, profiles and finishes – but also to show that low budget housing in New Zealand is possible. And we’ve chosen one of New Zealand’s harshest climates to demonstrate that in.

Cardrona’s alpine location is known for its dry hot summers and is also a famous ski area, so our thermally modified timbers are really put to the test here. We’re proud to have built such high-performance homes on a comparatively modest budget.”

Two of the three villas are available to book on Air BNB, please see the booking links below:

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