Sioo:x PreWash

Sioo:x PreWash is designed to complement the Sioo:x Wood Protection system. It is a concentrated cleaning fluid which is diluted in water to clean surfaces with heavy dirt and algae.

Sioo:x PreWash is brushed onto the timber surface and left to soak for 10 minutes, the surface is then scrubbed and rinsed with water.

After cleaning, some of the Sioo:x Wood Protection is dissolved. When the surface has dried apply one coat of Sioo:x Wood Protection (Step 2).

A 1L bottle when mixed with water at 1:4 dilution rate will cover approximately 20m2 or 1:8 dilution rate will cover approximately 40m2.

Sioo:x PreWash will not remove oil or paint.

Sioo:x PreWash

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