Eco Residential Development - Orewa, New Zealand

Kensington Park is New Zealand’s leading example of a master-planned residential neighbourhood.

Project details

Sand Decking in Protector - Teak
Orewa, New Zealand

A range of accommodation options across apartments and terrace houses, all with freehold titles, has proved to be a winning combination.

Almost all the residences feature outdoor living spaces with timber decking that adds to the relaxed beach feel.

Abodo Sand Decking was chosen due to its high quality supplied finish, easy installation and superior weathering performance.

The fact that the product is low toxicity and locally sourced from sustainable plantation forests was an added selling point for the development and it’s customers.

A number of local and international awards have been achieved, proving the quality of the development.


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Abodos Sand Decking timber hardwood alternative
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Protector Coating Abodo Wood
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