The Farmhouse - Delhi, India

This expansive residence set amongst farmland in Delhi combines natural stone with the warmth of Abodo feature timbers.

Project details

Architecture + interiors
ENAR Consultants (Ar. Pankaj Khullar)
Vulcan Cladding (WB10 Profile) in Protector - Teak and Straw
Vulcan Screening in Protector - Teak and Straw
Vulcan Decking
Timber distributor
Span Floors
Photography credit
Suryan / Dang
Completion date
Mid 2023

This expansive residence set amongst landscaped farmland in Delhi combines the cool, linear texture of natural stone cladding with the warmth of Abodo eco-timbers, which are used to beautiful effect for cladding, screening and decking.

The luxury farmhouse is located in Vasant Kunj, an upmarket, semi-rural area of Delhi. With a base palette of substantial stone blocks, architects ENAR Consultants sought to add softness and colour to the home with natural timber accents.

Several Abodo Vulcan timber products were chosen for these accents and also for areas of the landscaping, with the products’ stability and durability being the leading reason for its specification.

Due to the thermal modification process Vulcan timber undergoes, there is no risk of resin leaching onto the adjacent stone and creating staining. This stability is also a boon in this challenging climate, which experiences hot summers and cold winters as well as a significant monsoon season.

Even with these changing temperatures and moisture levels, the timber won’t delaminate or warp. Additionally, it has been proven to be termite resistant, which can be a problem for homes like this one, with farmland surroundings.

Vulcan Cladding (WB10 Profile) is used to accentuate the stone facade, framing the upper edge of the building, decks, and creating louvre screens over some windows.

Vulcan Screening is used to screen the external staircase and on a vertical screen on the building’s facade. In the landscaped gardens it is used in a post and beam format for pergolas, to create the poolside bar and the walls of the adjacent gym.

The significant span size of some of these beams is only achievable with a stable timber like Vulcan. As the timber is very lightweight, it also makes it easy to work with for these exterior projects when compared to a hardwood product.

Vulcan Decking graces the pool deck, along with decks outside the ground floor rooms.

To finish the timber to an exacting tone, the architects specified a unique combination of Protector Oil Teak and Straw in a 75:25 ratio. The result is a warm, mid-brown that connects in with the colours of the established trees on the property.

For a home of this scale with a high level of exposure to the weather, these choices will enable its longevity, allowing the homeowners to enjoy the luxury residence for many years to come.


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