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Nexus Edge Taupo New Zealand Vulcan Nexus Cladding Abodo Wood

Nexus Edge - Taupo, New Zealand

Exterior into interior – how Abodo Vulcan Nexus Cladding adds texture and sleek consistency to this Taupo home.

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Kōtukutuku Papakāinga Auckland New Zealand Abodo Wood

Kōtukutuku Papakāinga - Auckland, New Zealand

This Māori health facility uses custom ripple effects on Abodo Tundra Cladding to represent the paddle strokes of a waka (canoe).

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Corner Store Revival Vulcan Timber Cladding and Screening Abodo Wood

Corner Store Revival - Sydney, Australia

A Vulcan timber-clad extension provides a complementary, refined look for this renovated historic building in Sydney.

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Outdoor Life Vulcan Decking Abodo Wood

Outdoor Life - Whatawhata, New Zealand

Expansive deck spaces created from Abodo Vulcan lend al fresco opportunities and add value to this Waikato family home.

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Cass Bay House Vulcan Timber Abodo Wood 4

Cass Bay House - Lyttelton, New Zealand

A combination of Corten steel, Neolith tiles and Abodo Vulcan timbers provide a dynamic portal to this renovated beachside home.

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Lakehouse Luxe Vulcan Timber Abodo Wood

Lakehouse Luxe - Taupo, New Zealand

This Taupo holiday home uses Abodo eco-timbers internally and externally, bringing warmth and cohesion to the design.

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Shotover House Vulcan Cladding Abodo Wood

Shotover House - Queenstown, New Zealand

Abodo Tundra weatherboards juxtaposed against steel cladding gives this Queenstown home a rustic yet contemporary aesthetic.

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Co haus Vulcan Timber Abodo Wood

Cohaus - Auckland, New Zealand

In a throwback to village culture, an Auckland group has created a modern co-living community using Abodo timbers.

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Aitken House Vulcan Cladding Abodo Wood

Historic Aitken House - West Linton, Scotland

This new home merges with its historic village surroundings through a mix of stone and Abodo eco-timber claddings.

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Vulcan Charred Extension Vulcan Charred Cladding Abodo Wood

Vulcan Charred Extension - Queenstown, New Zealand

The dark textured tones of Abodo Vulcan Charred timber add a contemporary aesthetic to this Queenstown renovation.

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Light Footed House Tundra Cladding Abodo Wood

Light Footed House - Christchurch, New Zealand

Designed with sustainability in mind, this family home in the Port Hills is clad in Abodo’s naturally rustic Tundra Cladding.

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Lakeside Retreat Vulcan Cladding Abodo Wood 4

Lakeside Retreat - Lake Rotoiti, New Zealand

A 1970s holiday home overlooking Lake Rotoiti is given a new lease of life using Abodo eco-timbers.

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