Biomass Growth and Carbon Sequestration - A Comparison of Tree Species

All tree species absorb carbon when they are growing - this independent report shows which do it faster.

In an increasingly climate sensitive construction environment, wood has a great role to play as an offset to more carbon intensive materials like glass, aluminium concrete and steel.

Biogenic materials like wood that store carbon are touted to be one way to reduce the massive amount of carbon emitted in the manufacturing of building materials.

All tree species absorb carbon when they are growing - some just do it faster than others.

Fast growing sustainable managed plantation forestry is one way to store more carbon from the atmosphere faster. After this fast grown timber is harvested, milled and transformed into durable, long life building materials, this carbon is permanently stored.

Abodo has commissioned an independent report covering the carbon sequestration per hectare, per year of a selection of tree species - across global supply markets. Read the report here.

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