Natural Timber Coating - Made by the Earth

Sioo:x is a toxin free coating that combines two naturally occurring minerals found all around us; silicon and potassium.

Imagine a timber coating that was inspired and came from nature, but had the incredible benefit of only needing refinishing every 7-10 years; this isn’t stuff of science fiction - it’s a reality. Developed in Sweden, Sioo:x is a coating that has been available in Australia and New Zealand for over 5 years.

The Inspiration

Imitating nature’s own protection techniques, Sioo:x Wood Protection is inspired by how nature protects itself using silicon. Trees and plants absorb silicic acid from the soil, which dissolves in water and is then transported in trunks and stalks, precipitating out in the organisms and making them stronger.

This is the process that gives vitality to aspens in Nordic forests and teak trees in the rainforest. And it’s the same silicon that makes straw and reeds strong and rigid. Silicon also preserves the wood. You can see this in trees with petrified wood, which can be found in many places around the world. The cellulose in these trees have been replaced by silicon, which has protected them against all types of weather for millions of years.

How Does It Work

The patented silicon technology in Sioo:x protects and works with the wood in a process created by two products – wood protection (Part 1) followed by surface protection (Part 2). The initial treatment with Sioo:x Wood Protection (Part 1) opens up the wood and penetrates deeply into the structure of the material.

After this, Sioo:x Surface Protection (Part 2) is applied. This shields the wood protection (Part 1), but still allows the right amount of moisture to enter, ensuring optimum conditions for the continued process of hardening and mineralisation.

The silicon molecules then grow and expand in the cells and around the wood fibres, deep into the wood, creating a network. The network fuses the silicon to the wood, strengthening it and offering a unique silicon shield that protects and gives the surface a natural grey tint.

What’s the Best Timber Substrate?

Sioo:x works on many types of timber, however according to the Sioo:x Technologists: “Vulcan is a thermally modified softwood that is durable and with low movement. These are key aspects to maximise the performance of our Sioo:x wood protection system.

Furthermore, the medium density of Vulcan timber combined with it’s textured sawn face means that our reactive wood protection can penetrate well into the timber and react with it to create the best possible durability.”

Projects completed in Sioo:x:

Cardrona Cabin Vulcan Screening Abodo Wood 12A

Sioo:x Technologists: “Ongoing testing and monitoring of many applications has led us to consider Vulcan a perfect timber to match our Sioo:x products.”

Low Maintenance Timber Coating Made by the Earth Abodo Wood
Almost on the sand, after 5 years and no maintenance, these battens are performing exactly as expected.

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