Site Storage and Handling of Weatherboards

All too often, problems occur with the handling and storage of timber weatherboards at building site. These problems include swelling, damage and contamination.

Abodo timber cladding profiles are manufactured to exact and consistent dimensions and tolerances. A high quality oil or water borne oil based coating is machine applied to the profiles before leaving the factory.

As wood is hydroscopic and the oil coating does not prevent moisture uptake it is important to keep the product dry until it is installed. Product exposed to high moisture uptake will swell temporarily but return to the original dimensions following a drying period. It is important to check the product dimensions are the same as the profile standard before installing.


  • Immediately following site delivery the product should be stored under dry conditions.
  • Preferably this is in a dry enclosed building.
  • If stored outside the material should be placed on timber gluts 150mm above ground level and a secondary water proof cover provided over the factory wrapping to ensure the profiles remain dry until applied to the building structure.
  • This protection minimises any moisture related movement (swelling) and is an essential process in achieving correct installation and appearance.

Unloading and Handling

  • Site deliveries should be in package form and unloaded by Hiab or crane lifting gear if weight or volume prevents hand unloading.
  • During unloading ether by crane or hand avoid bending or dragging and keep all faces dry and free of dirt or contamination.

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