The Making of Vulcan Shingles

Vulcan Shingles are made using a complex process that belies their apparent simplicity and enhances their durability.

While often specified for their rustic looks, Vulcan Shingles are created following a complex process that belies their apparent simplicity and instils the product with exceptional strength and durability.

In making Abodo’s Vulcan Shingles, the journey begins with engineered Vulcan vertical grain timber, which is trimmed to a uniform 450mm length.

To minimise waste, wherever possible this timber is sourced from production offcuts from Vulcan Cladding and Vulcan Screening.

These short length pieces then undergo an edge-ripping process to achieve the desired widths.

This proprietary technique not only maximises the yield but also enhances the overall strength and durability of the shingles.

The next step involves passing the pieces through a horizontal bandsaw. This is a crucial part of the process as it imparts the bevel profile and bandsawn face that characterises the distinct appearance of the shingles.

Of course, ensuring this appearance lasts is integral to Abodo’s values – with their commitment to lifetime beauty for a better tomorrow.

Making of Vulcan Shingles Abodo Wood

Vulcan Shingles are cut through a horizontal band saw

The key to the shingles' exceptional performance lies in our patented vertical grain structure, along with thermal modification benefits such as reduced resin and moisture content for increased stability as well as producing a captivating homogeneous brown colour. To prevent condensation and moisture ingress, the Abodo’s shingles also come with a ventilation cavity installation system that allows the roof and/or wall to breathe.

Uncoated Vulcan Shingles will gracefully silver off when exposed to weather, adding to their natural charm. To protect this look, the product is bolstered with the application of OPX, a patented colourless water-based timber preservative treatment. The OPX treatment incorporates a combination of azoles, termiticides, mouldicides, and water repellents, ensuring exceptional weathering characteristics for above-ground exterior applications. This comprehensive, low VOC protection aligns seamlessly with Abodo's commitment to environmental responsibility.

With centuries of success as a roofing and cladding material, shingles have experienced a renaissance in recent years, which aligns with the growing global trend towards more sustainable and traditional building practices.

With an unmatched blend of product features, sustainability credentials, and innovation, Abodo's Vulcan Shingles are a shining example of timber technology at its finest.

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