Latitude Luxury Apartments - Tauranga, New Zealand

Incorporating a high level of sustainability, along with balancing form and function, were central to this luxury design.

Project details

Ignite Architects
Form NZ
Vulcan Cladding (WB10 Profile 145x20) in Sioo:x Wood Coating
Photography credit
Wayne Tait Photography
Completion date
Tauranga, New Zealand

Located just minutes away from the Tauranga CBD dining precinct, the all-new Latitude Residences, designed by Ignite Architects, is the city’s first substantial apartment build in the last few years.

Inspired by the beauty of Tauranga and its surroundings - and featuring 27 luxury apartments over 6 levels, with spectacular views over Tauranga Harbour/Domain and Mount Maunganui - the development has been specifically designed to incorporate a high level of sustainability where the balance between form and function were central to the design.

Ignite were looking to soften the overall aesthetic of the building by offsetting harder materials used with softer timber elements.

Maintenance and fire were the main challenges in this high rise design, and for this reason timber was the preferred material for the soffit linings.

Abodo worked with Ignite to conduct weathering exposure trials in a soffit application, with Abodo’s Vulcan Cladding in Sioo:x Finish specified for the build due to its exterior durability and low maintenance.

Sioo:x is a natural wood coating that weathers at a slower rate in soffit applications, creating a light colour finish that will stand up to the conditions.


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