North Point – Raglan, New Zealand

These artfully arranged Raglan townhouses feature Vulcan timbers finished in the warm tones of Protector - Straw.

Project details

Red Architecture
Hay Construction (formerly Wainui Construction)
Hay Property
Vulcan Cladding (WB12F Profile 180x20) in Protector - Straw
Vulcan Screening (BAND4S Profile 88x25) in Protector - Straw
Larnie Nicolson
Completion date
Raglan, New Zealand

Planned to bring about a sense of community, this artfully arranged collection of townhouses in Raglan features Vulcan Cladding finished in the warm tones of Protector - Straw.

When architected and executed thoughtfully, compact urban developments like this one in Raglan have many benefits for both residents and the environment. With amenities and transport routes close by, emissions are reduced and connections fostered between neighbours through chance encounters. Green spaces are well used and well designed, enhancing the natural environment.

Designed by Red Architecture, this multi-unit development of six two-bedroom homes is a key example of this compact and community-based design. In creating the spatial design and selecting materials, the architects saw an opportunity to forge a sense of cohesion with the town itself by arranging homes around common spaces and pathways.

Claddings and finishes were chosen to reflect the landscape and atmosphere of the village. Car parking and storage are relegated to the fringes of the plot, to allow the housing and surrounds to take precedence.

Located on the boundary of a residential reserve, the homes seem to merge with the land and streetscape, with the Abodo Vulcan vertical weatherboards finished in Protector - Straw, echoing tones in the dunes and marram grasses seen at nearby beaches. To provide some visual texture as well as enhancing privacy, windows and carports make use of Vulcan battens, also finished in Protector - Straw.

Additional to delivering a warm, natural aesthetic, Vulcan timber was selected for its ability to withstand the rigours of a coastal climate without cupping or warping. This is due to the thermal modification process the timber undergoes during manufacturing. In this case, the timber was factory finished in Abodo’s proprietary Protector coating, with a second coating applied on site, further enhancing the durability of the timber. Builders Hay Construction commented that the consistency of the Abodo products helped with the smooth running of the project, as did the hidden fixing detail of the vertical weatherboards.

The Vulcan Cladding is juxtaposed against cinder block walls, with this palette continuing through to the interiors, where polished concrete and timber create low maintenance, modern spaces. As the homes are in close proximity to one another, the architects used operable clerestory windows to provide passive ventilation and natural light without compromising on privacy. Landscaping uses native planting and stones, with attention paid to maximising permeable land to help with increased rainfall in the area.

For the residents of North Point, the homes provide a fresh urban lifestyle, which allows for full enjoyment of the beautiful scenery and outdoor offerings in this beachside town.


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