Pahi House - Kaipara Harbour, New Zealand

This cost-effective and environmentally responsible two-bedroom home has a highly efficient plan.

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Pac Studio
Vulcan Cladding in Protector - Ebony
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David Straight
Completion date
Pahi, Kaipara Harbour - New Zealand

The design takes into account standard sheet sizes and construction techniques to minimise waste and construction cost, while maximising usable area and passive solar heating.

With green principles in mind, Abodo’s Vulcan timber cladding (in Protector - Ebony) was chosen - not only because it’s sourced from rapidly renewable New Zealand plantations, but also because the timber is treated with heat instead of chemicals.

This thermal modification process means the timber is highly durable and stable, which is perfect for harsh environments like the Pahi Peninsula on the Kaipara Harbour.

The cladding’s Protector - Ebony finish and dark green roof sit beautifully amongst the surrounding native bush.

There’s a sense of retreat and shelter to a house that’s used as much in winter as it is in summer. “The idea was the flip between moments – when the sea was lovely you’d turn your back on the bush, and in a howling gale you look at the bush.”

- Home Magazine


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