Timber Batten Screening - For Shade and Privacy

Timber batten screening is a fantastic way to bring the beauty of natural wood into a home, while providing solar shade.

The flexibility of timber batten screening is that wider sections can be used to create depth.

Smaller narrower battens can create a semi-transparent skin, perfect for privacy while still letting light in.

Placing timber battens at closer intervals creates more shade and a higher degree of privacy, while a more spaced out placement creates an open and spacious feel.

Abodo's Vulcan Screening is an excellent lightweight batten material, and its stability means that each batten will stay straight and true, even in the harshest weather conditions.

Culbara - Sunshine Coast, Australia

A contemporary home that uses a bold combination of complementary materials including Abodo Vulcan battens and panelling, Culbara creates a statement in its riverside neighborhood.

With a base of breeze blocks in a charcoal grey and an upper level wrapped in concrete formwork and Abodo Vulcan bandsawn 4 face timber battens, Culbara is a cool, low-maintenance home that allows its residences to enjoy life to the fullest in the aptly named Sunshine Coast

The use of Abodo’s Sioo:x Coating on the 42x42mm timber battens, a natural wood coating which allows the timber to gradually silver off over time and requires only minimal re-coating when compared to the annual maintenance required of cedar or other stained hardwoods.

Culbara Vulcan Screening and Vulcan Panelling Abodo Wood

Credits: MRA Design, Gray Construction Group. Photos: Robyn Rolton Photographer

Minyama Luxury Home - Sunshine Coast, Australia

This luxury home features Vulcan Timber in Protector - Teak, which contrasts beautifully with the stone, concrete and aluminium exterior. A statement entry in Vulcan Screening follows through to a stunning 6m high entrance and stairwell, in randomised Vulcan Cladding WB12, once inside.

Minyama Luxury Home Vulcan Cladding and Vulcan Screening Abodo Wood

Credits: MRA Design, Gray Construction Group. Photos: Robyn Rolton Photographer

Minyama Luxury Home Vulcan Cladding and Vulcan Screening Abodo Wood 1

Credits: MRA Design, Gray Construction Group. Photos: Robyn Rolton Photographer

Cottesloe House - Perth, Australia

Timber cladding, solid timber blades, white render, black Milano render and concrete make up the foundational materials in this stunning Cottesloe residence by John Lewis Architects and Courtico Interiors.

Located on an awkward 746m2 site, this luxury home was designed to orientate towards a park. When faced with the challenge of the direct western sun, the architect used our solid Vulcan timber blades as large sculptural cantilevers to control the sun.

These second-floor Vulcan timber blades are 175mm x 40mm in 3m lengths, clear span and were slotted from behind and chemically anchored onto a steel plate. This means there is no visible fixing from either the front or the sides.

Cottesloe House Vulcan Cladding and Vulcan Screening Abodo Wood

Credits: John Lewis Architects, Time Builders. Photos: Christian Sprogoe - csfoto

Neptune Court House - Surfers Paradise, Australia

This subtropical coastal environment in Queensland, with high levels of ultraviolet rays, demanded a high performance exterior timber. Thermally modified Vulcan Screening was perfect in this application, known for its durability and superior weathering characteristics. A 65x42 batten was used with a secret finger joint to achieve a 6m long batten, finished in Protector Patina, designed to silver off into a low maintenance weathered grey.

The timber contrasts well with the natural stone used on the project. The battens are exceptionally straight, meaning minimum fixings were required - even over the window cavities with large unsupported spans.

Neptune Court House Vulcan Screening Abodo Wood 4

Credits: Lovell Burton, Vaughan Constructions. Photos: Rory Gardiner

North Point – Raglan, New Zealand

Designed to bring about a sense of community, these artfully arranged collection of townhouses in Raglan are on the boundary of a residential reserve. The homes seem to merge with the land and streetscape, with the Abodo Vulcan Cladding finished in Protector - Straw, echoing tones in the dunes and marram grasses seen at nearby beaches. To provide some visual texture as well as enhancing privacy, windows and carports make use of Vulcan battens, also finished in Protector - Straw.

In addition to delivering a warm, natural aesthetic, Vulcan timber was selected for its ability to withstand the rigours of a coastal climate without cupping or warping. This is due to the thermal modification process the timber undergoes during manufacturing.

North Point Vulcan Cladding and Vulcan Screening Abodo Wood 04

Credits: Red Architecture, Hay Construction (formerly Wainui Construction). Photos: Larnie Nicolson

The Grounds - Hobsonville Point, New Zealand

The Grounds is New Zealand’s first engineered tall timber residential development, consisting of 42 designer apartments. The revolutionary design of these one and two bedroom apartments incorporates state of the art mass timber and offsite construction methods.

Abodo’s Vulcan Screening was chosen for the vertical fins due to its inherent stability and excellent weathering characteristics. Able to clear span over 2.5 metres, the Vulcan Screening can be relied upon to stay straight, protecting the integrity of the design. All timber screening was factory pre-finished with Sioo:x Wood Coating by Abodo, further reducing time required by on-site trades. The screening was finger jointed in selected lengths to minimise waste from off-cuts.

The Grounds Vulcan Screening and Sand Decking Abodo Wood 7

Credits: Peddlethorp, Tallwood, Stanley Construction. Photos: Jiwan Singh

House on the Bay – Melbourne, Australia

The architects were inspired by the neighbouring Brighton Sea Baths and Marina. “These monolithic structures stretch out into the bay to create pockets of calm water. The project extends upon themes embedded within these structures: shelter, enclosure and protection,” says Joseph Lovell.

On the upper levels, privacy for living and bedrooms is provided through Vulcan Screening finished in the subtly warm tones of Protector - Straw, which beautifully reflects the beach surroundings.

This screening uses a custom wave profile chosen especially for the design to both echo the water beyond and to connect with the scalloped design of the precast concrete walls that wrap around the home.

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